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There’s a term in Japanese and they say, like unique words in every language I suppose, that it can’t be translated. Wab-sabi. It’s not just a word but a philosophy, a way of life. Loosely interpreted, it means to find beauty in the imperfections of life and gracefully flowing with the natural cycle of evolving and aging.

But what does it take to live a graceful life where you are not just graceful but grateful and peaceful as well?

  1. Cottleston Pie Cottleston Pie (taking the poem from Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne) where Pooh explains the principle of uniqueness. Cottleston Pie refers to our inner nature which is the answer to most riddles we face on a daily basis. Why he likes football while you enjoy Volleyball, for example. Why do you prefer a savory breakfast while your friend likes to eat something sweet in the morning?
  2. The Cosmic Law of Interconnectedness Have you ever been on a long-awaited vacation with your loved ones, to say a beautiful hill station? There, due to any small misunderstanding, let’s say you had an argument or you got some disturbing news from work or whatever, do you remember how you felt afterwards? The beauty of the mountains or the whiteness of the snow, the singing birds or the gentle brooks, all lose their luster instantly. Bereft of any joy inside or outside, you are unable to see the beauty. Everything’s still there but it no longer feels that way.
  3. Purpose of Life? What is my life’s purpose? How do I find my purpose? These two questions I get asked most frequently from people who have got everything going well in their lives.
  4. Wu Wei: Letting Good Things Happen The beautiful Tao concept of Wu Wei – Wu-Wei implies that there’s an inherent flow, a certain natural order to everything. You just have to let it course through. Recklessly struggling towards a goal is not always the best way to attain it. Sometimes, you have to let it be, give it time.
  5. The Price of Freedom What good is our freedom if we don’t use it to protect someone, to make them feel loved? Of what use is freedom if we choose to hurt the other person just because we can? True freedom is a sense of harmony. And harmony, in a relationship or a society, can’t be accomplished unless we act, speak and behave responsibly.

Let go and breathe in the real you

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Let go and breathe in the real you

Join the kindest community, where personal failures & victories are celebrated and inspiration & happiness is shared

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