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And the Misery Doesn’t Seem to End

I can't take it anymore

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Ups and Downs of Life

How to make my father smile

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First Step is Hardest

Moving towards better

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Let the New Chapter Begin

How to build a lifestyle

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One Spark Starts a Fire

changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if...

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I Met a Boy

I think I am in love

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Self Love is the Answer to Every...

Who say you're not perfect!?

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I Am Sooo Proud of You!

A little motivation and love to my sister.

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Always Chasing the Bigger Achievements or Enjoying...

"I loved it when I and my family went to that small ice-cream shop...

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Because First Step is the Most Difficult...

Because enough is enough and I got to rise

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A Tiny Ray of Hope!

I can finally see a ray of sunshine

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Coming out of My Own Little Cocoon

Let's break the boundaries and create something beautiful!

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To Anyone Who Needs to Hear This


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A second that changed my life

An instant in life which divides your life into 'before' and 'after '

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