Unconditional Love

A mother's love is Nature's greatest gift. Unconditional and selfless. It's beyond words.

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The Value of Love

No one offered Love any place on their boats, except one. Who? Read the...

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Why do People Love or Hate You

People don't love or hate you but what you have to offer. If you...

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The Truth of Four Queens

A king dearly loved his four wives but when the time came, they abandoned...

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Are you Important?

You see in others what you have in you. If you believe in yourself,...

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When to Move Out of a Relationship

Sometimes you grow out of a relationship, there's no more joy or attraction. It's...

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What is Tolerance

Look at our planet earth, providing for everyone it's ever tolerant, resilient and compassionate.

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Practice of Gratitude

Being grateful to others is being grateful to God. Express your gratitude to those...

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Speaking the Language of Love

Nobody is strong enough to resist the language of love. It pierces the heart...

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Purity: Physical, Mental and Moral

Everything in Nature is pure. Everything natural is also pure. So is love.

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Understanding Relationships

The more you understand yourself, the better you'll understand others.

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Bhakti – Devotional Service

Bhakti or devotional service is the art of surrender and dispassion. It's got very...

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