Pratik's writings

3mo ago

A Divine Surprise

After all it’s not every day that you receive such unexpected surprises.

5mo ago

A Divine Presence

An attempt based on alphabetical writing prompt.

7mo ago

When Divine Protects

Divine grace may well be truly infinite.

10mo ago

Asking for Free Things

A burden on my conscience. #TheWriteChoice

10mo ago

Truth and Lies

Come Inside. #TheWriteChoice

10mo ago

How I Reduced My Sugar Consumption

Your body knows what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. #TheWriteChoice

10mo ago

A Tale of Freedom- 2

No one wants to be caged. #TheWriteChoice

10mo ago

Just a Housewife?

You are in for a rude awakening #TheWriteChoice

1 year ago

Coming Home

Someone special came to our home last year

1 year ago

Life Hacks- 2

Simple things to make your life easier

1 year ago The Light

An investment for a happy life. #TheWriteChoice

1 year ago

Daily Life Questions

And their likely answers

1 year ago

The Greatest Battle of Your Life

Mind and self-transformation