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Tilaka, Sri Vidya and Celestial Music

Here's my brief take on why I wear two marks on my forehead, Sri Vidya and celestial music.

Living in Pajamas

Why this world can be a difficult place and why being comfortable with yourself is the easiest way to be at peace — read and find out.

The Silent Agreement of the Faithful

Two regular visitors to the ashram show what is unconditional love and loyalty, not with their words but actions.

The Esoteric Meaning of Scriptures

Are the stories in the scriptures a figment of imagination? It's not so much about the literal meaning as much as it's about the esoteric sense.

Life is Like a Musical Instrument

The sounds and symphonies life produces, the melodies it creates depends more on the player than on the instrument itself.

The Esoteric Meaning of Diwali

Why do we celebrate Diwali? Here's the esoteric meaning of the festival of lights and a beautiful excerpt from Tulsi Ramayana.

The DNA of Desires

One desire leads to another. Like the human DNA, desires have their own DNA. Awareness is the key to tame them.

Depression: The Yogic View

Yogic view on depression is more profound than the current scientific understanding. Where science treats the brain, yogic texts look at the mind.

The Two Spiritual Approaches

There are two ways to lead your life or walk the spiritual path — the way of the spider or the bee.

The First Step in Meditation

What is the first step for a meditator or a householder on the path of spirituality or self-realization?

Meditation and Thoughts

In the beginning, thoughts continue to bother, unsettle and distract the meditator. With persistence and patience, the good meditator rises above them.

Life is Like…a Movie

Human life is like a movie. What sort of movie it turns out to be is in your hands. You can be the actor or the spectator, or both, perhaps.

Pursuit of Happiness

Is happiness a journey or the destination? It all depends on one's perspective, and, perspective, in turn, depends on understanding.

Nature and You

Anyone can tap into the immense power of nature to realize their dreams. But, to work with Nature you must be in harmony with it.

Life is Like…The Four Seasons

The various colors and phases of life make it what it is — beautiful and colorful.