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Is a graceful voluntary exit better than dragging on with an unbearable life?

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The said and unsaid — a few chapters from the book of my life

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Heart Touching Stories – The Book of Kindness

How to Make Others Happy and Be Happy Yourself

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Here is how to tame the mind or to experience a flow of quietude on demand

Hungry Baba and the New Normal

My thoughts and views on the feedback from many readers on the recent changes to my blog

The Heart of Success

Six Business Principles to Up Your Game

The Stories we Tell

Whatever you magnify takes centre stage in your life. Look elsewhere and you find a different story.

Realizing Your True Potential

Here is why working to our full potential is the key to lasting happiness.

The Last Letter

When the day arrives, in the final analysis, what will be on your mind?

The Balloon Principle

What is it that propels average organizations to the height of greatness?

Wake up! Time is Running Out!

Here's something to think about...

How To Increase Brain Power?

Fancy building your brainpower? Here's how to do it.