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Goodbye Thay – Thich Nhat Hanh –...

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

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Aiko – A Not So Ficticious Saint

The Story of Her Liberation

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Happy Birthday Sarada Ma

The mother to all creatures who inhabit this planet

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The Greatest Pain in the World

Seperation from Guru

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Sadhana – The Infinite Game

It is important to celebrate our victories, but we cannot linger on them. For...

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A Gift from My Sadhana

Ultimately, it's not about meditation or belief in some scripture or religion, it's about...

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Your Favourite Quote

Share Your Favourite Quote

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Happy Birthday Hemanya

Youth Comes But Once In a Lifetime

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The Most Important Lesson from My Sadhana

Always Listen to Swami - There are no Exceptions

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My Thirty Day Guru Sadhana

OM SWAMI is a POSSIBILITY - Let's Not Make Him One More Picture in...

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Lessons From My Spiritual Sister – Sri...

My Guru Poornima Submission

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How I Have Changed Over the Last...

How Much I Still Need to Change

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Random Musings on Social Conditioning

Masterchef Australia, Love, Marriage, Childbirth, and other Existential Quandaries

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