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A Story of Grace

Divine grace protects your tender heart from adversities like a shell shelters its inhabitant. Nature has a way.

A Word on Love

To love is to make the other person at perfect ease in your presence, so they can be themselves.

The Course of Grief

Grief has a life of its own. Like a river charts its own course, grief too must flow before it can merge in the sea of life.

The Four Shades of Silence

Bliss and tranquility blossom in a silent mind like beautiful lotuses do in a serene pond.

The Price of Freedom

True freedom is a leap from recklessness to responsibility. It's to be mindful of the consequences of our actions.

One Life Many Lives

As series of drops make up a waterfall, tiny moments and experiences create what appears to be a lifetime.

The 84th Problem

Here's a beautiful parable showing the possibility of a life without any problems at all.

The Hall of One Thousand Mirrors

Here's a beautiful story illustrating how we shape our own world and attract a certain type of people.