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What Could I Have Done?

Under most circumstances, we all act according to our inherent nature.

The Secret of Being Positive

Simplicity is the seed of positivity that grows in the ground of reality.

Million Thoughts – A Book For Meditation

Expert advice by a Himalayan Monk who practiced meditation for 10000 plus hours

Weapons of Mass Distraction

The damage caused by social media to our emotional and spiritual well-being is very real.

Suffering to Happiness

On the journey of life, the train of happiness has no destination as such. Life is happiness.

Purity of Intention

When your focus is singular and your intention pure, the fragrant flowers of success blossom naturally.

When You Give…

What if Nature gave us with the same expectations as we have from others when we give them anything?

Freeing Yourself from Anger

Here's a beautiful discourse by Buddha on removing feelings of annoyance and anger from your heart

Of What Good is Goodness?

No matter how many clouds of what color, the sky goes back to being blue. Don't let go of your goodness.

How Not to Attract

Life is full of contradictions and opposites. Light and darkness, snow and sunshine coexist peacefully. Pay attention.

Wu Wei: Letting Good Things Happen

The beautiful Tao concept of Wu-Wei shows how non-action is the greatest action sometimes. Plus, an announcement...

The Path of Om Swami

Here's my view on how to deal with rumors, gossip and criticism around you.

The Secret of Happiness

Sometimes the most profound realization comes not in flow but stagnation, when life challenges you...

Leaving Your Regrets Behind

In the ceaseless movement of the wheel of time live the beautiful moments of our lives.

The Journey of Life

Inspired by a philosophical poem, here's my view on the key to lasting happiness in life.