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12y ago
Tyaga: The Practice of Letting Go

No matter how attractive the flower, a butterfly must eventually let go of it and move on.

12y ago
Ekanta: The Practice of Solitude

The practice of solitude can help you understand yourself better. It's incredibly powerful in taming your mind.

12y ago
Mauna: The Practice of Observing Silence

When you practice silence, the voice of the soul opens up like an unfolding bud. You then emit a beautiful fragrance.

13y ago
The First Step in Meditation

What is the first step for a meditator or a householder on the path of spirituality or self-realization?

13y ago
Meditation and Thoughts

In the beginning, thoughts continue to bother, unsettle and distract the meditator. With persistence and patience, the good meditator rises above them.