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The Bowl That Never Fills

Here's a beautiful true story to make you think...

The Tearing Thought

What to do when the wild elephant of thoughts tears into your garden of peace and quiet?

The Black Lotus App

Here's everything you need to know about this great new app: Black Lotus Meditation

A Million Thoughts

A Million Thoughts is my most comprehensive work on meditation. Your A-Z guide to meditation.

Kundalini — An Untold Story

The origin of kundalini goes back to the most ancient Puranic lore beginning with Shiva and his consort...

Nine States of Awareness

In this post I elucidate on the nine states of awareness as propounded by Patanjali and other great yogis like Vyasa.

What Type of a Meditator are You?

Rewards of meditation are directly proportional to the intensity and quality of your practice. Here's something to think about.

The Source of Emotions

Emotions are the dewdrops that vanish at the dawn of mindfulness. Practice this simple meditation to go to the root.

The Anatomy of a Thought

Thoughts are like waves, they may be inviting but they remain transient and volatile. Meditate for insight.

Nine Stages of Attaining Bliss

From a turbulent and restless mind to the calm-abiding mind, there are nine stages in Mahamudra meditation.

Nine States of Attention

To reach a state of deep absorption requires building your concentration. It's staged and measurable.

Six Principles of Meditation

Tilopa gave six short and profound instructions on meditation to his chief disciple. Every meditator should know them.

Images: Fourth Hurdle in Meditation

As you sit down to meditate, trying to build your concentration, random images start bombarding you. It's a hurdle.

Thoughts: Third Hurdle in Meditation

Tidal waves of stray thoughts can rock your boat of quiet mind disrupting your meditation.

Laziness in Meditation

Elephant is a sign of dullness in meditation. A skilled meditator uses acceptance and alertness to tame it.


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