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Restlessness in Meditation

A restless mind is comparable to a monkey, forever hopping and active. Mindfulness is the antidote.

The Practice of Concentrative Meditation

Concentrative meditation is the art of staying on one thought. It calms down the mind almost instantly.

Two Types of Meditation

One who understands the reality of one thing, knows the reality of everything. - The Venerable One

The Three Legged Elephant

You can't not think about something by not thinking about it. Mind will cling to whatever you want to avoid.

Trataka — The Practice of Still Gaze

Trataka, or the practice of still gaze, is the art of perfecting and stilling your gaze. It's a must for a serious meditator.

Shravana – The Practice of Listening

Good listening requires that you attentive in the present moment. And living in present immediately makes you calm like an ocean.

Ekagrata — The Practice of Concentration

The practice of concentration is an absolute must for any meditator. It is the basis of meditation, in fact.

Sankalpa: The Practice of Resolve

Sankalpa is often compared to the perfectly stable and still Himalayas. A sincere seeker's resolve is like the Himalayas.

Tyaga: The Practice of Letting Go

No matter how attractive the flower, a butterfly must eventually let go off it and move on.

Ekanta: The Practice of Solitude

The practice of solitude can help you understand yourself better. It's incredibly powerful in taming your mind.

Mauna: The Practice of Observing Silence

When you practice silence, the voice of the soul opens up like an unfolding bud. You emit beautiful fragrance then.

The First Step in Meditation

What is the first step for a meditator or a householder on the path of spirituality or self-realization?

Meditation and Thoughts

In the beginning, thoughts continue to bother, unsettle and distract the meditator. With persistence and patience, the good meditator rises above them.


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