Roma's writings

6mo ago

When in Rome do as the Romans...

I was travelling in Rajasthan and this proverb was really drummed into me by...

6mo ago

Big Vs Small

How will a big, gentle, dog react when faced with provocation from a small,...

6mo ago

Kedarnath – When a Pitthu Paid Me...

Whenever a journey is undertaken to Kedarnath we normally pay for it but the...

7mo ago

Thoda Magar Aaj— Mantra for Life

Sharing my gurumantra on the occasion of gurupurnima

8mo ago

Breaking the Lethargy

A body continues to be in a state of uniform motion unless acted upon...

11mo ago

Jail Adventure

Adventure and Jail !!! Don't go together do they? Read on to find out....

12mo ago

Obsesssion continues

My son wanted a pet dog desperately. He had been at it for the...

12mo ago

Beginning of an Obsession

My son was obsessed with the idea of getting a pet, a dog, but...

1 year ago

Anant Chaturdashi – Ending of Beliefs

As we celebrate the ending of the 10 -day Ganesh Festival sharing an ending...

1 year ago

Teachers Day – Dedication to My Teacher

Teachers inspire, motivate and encourage students. Sharing one such anecdote.

1 year ago

Rakshabandhan — The Bond of Love

Sharing an experience that epitomizes this bond for me.

1 year ago

The Olympics : Discovering the True Spirit...

Sharing a Olympics story that tugged at my heart, hope it touches yours too!

1 year ago

The Promise

Sometimes we make ourselves vulnerable for a night of partying ...

2y ago

Adventure at a Museum

Sharing an interesting happening that took place while I was visiting a Museum...

2y ago


A thought for our own family...while helping others.