Varun Om's Writings

Who Are You?

A poem. A tiny gift to my Gurudeva on his birthday

Thoughts and Gratitude for Swamiji’s Blissful Revelations...

The deep meaning and profound power of divine words

The Gift of My Birthday

What do I want from you, my lord?

Yoga of the Soul or Ego

Which one should you choose? Ask yourself

Gagan Sadrisham

A name of the supreme lord. But why bother about it?

The Truth of Eclipse

Any belief that invokes fear in you, that weakens you, cannot be a truth.

Play life like a game

Only when you are open to new possibilities, the chance of discovering the treasure...

The Way to Your Truth

Your unique experiences are going to lead you to your truth

Grace of the Guru

When the grace descends, the lord manifests in your heart