Pale Blue Dot

Our planet is tiny amidst the vastness of the universe

Appreciation, Gratitude and Love

Our parents did a lot to bring us up in this world and there is always a reason to appreciate and be grateful to them.

Leadership – Walking the Talk

Leadership is simple, but not easy. Its alignment of our thoughts, words and actions.

Eliminating Bad Habits

We cannot just stop old habits, they have to be replaced using accountability as a tool.

Embracing Mortality

Our perspective on mortality can be very useful, as long as we can shift how we see it

An ode to one of the greatest souls India and the world produced. Mahatma Gandhi

So many lessons to be inspired from Gandhi Ji's life. His life was his message.

How to live OR what to do?

There are two questions we can ask ourselves. How do I want to live OR what do I want to do.

Love yourself like your life depends on it

Loving yourself is not selfish, it can be selfless. We must love ourselves so we can love others.

Are we singing the song of our life?

Living the song we have come to sing. Don't wait for that one day. Make it day one and start somewhere.

Are you laughing?

Humor and Laughter can add tremendous quality to our lives.

Best friend and best enemy

Journaling has been a big part of my spiritual journey. It led to me a realisation...

NOT to do list

Not to do list is often more effective than a to do list. And there is one big Not to do that I constantly work on.

Reflections on Spiritual Growth

Same situation, different perspective. If you ever wondered is personal transformation possible, there is hope.