10mo ago

Health, Happiness & Kindness – Monthly Round...

An interesting & long study on health and happiness plus inspiration on living life...

11mo ago

Monthly Round Up on Self Discovery

Inspirational posts from fellow community members and more.

1 year ago

From the Unreal to the Real

Fear, misery — the unreals. Love, joy — the real. Through the present moment.

1 year ago

One Day or Day 1

Day 1 mindset is one of the best things I have learnt in my...

2y ago

Journey of Self Purification

Sharing one of the namas from Lalita Sahasranama - Bhakta manasa hamsika

2y ago

Children in the Pandemic

Pandemic has been tough on children, we need to find ways to empower them...

2y ago

2021 Reflections

Life in years or years in life that count

2y ago

Maa – A Personal Version from Taare...

I was listening to Maa from Taare Zameen Par and felt inspired to write...

2y ago

Redefining Definitions

An attempt to define things differently and shift perspective

2y ago

Artificial Intelligence & Mindfulness

Thoughts from Yuval Noah Harrari's book 21 lessons for 21st century

2y ago

A Reason to Celebrate for Women in...

Women will be allowed to take the NDA exam for entry into Indian Armed...

2y ago

That One Person

A Mentor can make a big positive impact

2y ago

The Credentials Bubble

An examination doesn't determine the outcome of our life.

2y ago

Negotiation, Options and Numbers

Negotiation, facing rejections and having options are so important factors in life but don't...

2y ago

A Learner’s Paradise

We can learn almost anything we want to today, thanks to technological advancement and...