Siddhika's Writings

21st November

The constant unfolding of the mystical venturing of a fakir seeker.

Rajini Didi

The lady Pied Piper with magical kindness


Dignify and respect emotions of pain , intractable suffering, frailty, distress, by sprinkling it...

My Ganesha drank the milk

The magical, elating, wondrous moment one dreams of did leave an everlasting impression ...

Chosen by my ancestors to apologise

Brick by brick my child within recreates the emotional walls with the hues and...

Soul Rebirthing

There is no FINALE to life, till HE decides, it’s enough.


Living in difficult bondages infect the very Spirit

Soul Abuse

The graceful fragrance of the soul can never be crushed


Har haal mein hai Teri hi Barkat


The magical instrument laden with joys of the journey..

Maa ‘O’ Jag Janani Maa


Emotional Richness

Sometimes it’s important to leave it on Him...

Soul A Tender Breath

Life...Love it, live it, leave an everlasting essence of elegance.


Being gracious, serving the Universe well till the last breath is the journey...

The legendary banana peels

Godliness speaks through every little speck on this Universe