2mo ago

Building on a Life of Mercy-6

Living into the gravitational pull of a narcissist..

3mo ago


Footprint Whispers on the route

3mo ago

The Age Long Discipline of Unwrapping Gifts

Remember the last time you wrapped a return gift with all your heart…

3mo ago

Touch: the Good, the Bad!

Victims and survivors… Only compassion and love heals

4mo ago

Guru Kripa 🙏🌺

Happy Birthday to the most loving ‘Saint’

4mo ago

Don’t Go Hungry!

The story we have been listening to…

7mo ago

Gaia 🕉

Dear Sri. Om Swamiji Bless loving Gaia🙏

8mo ago

The Igloo love

Gentle steps to a benevolent architectural creation …

9mo ago

In Love with Faith

Blessings of my Gurudev Shines at every step…

1 year ago

Your Grace Om Swamiji🙏🕉

Thank you abundantly for Blessing my life and instilling my focus back🙏