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Do you Ignore Yourself?

A dying tree can offer neither shade nor fruits. You'll crumble eventually if you continue to ignore yourself.

Are You Paying Attention?

Listen to your body. Like fire, no ailment is too small to ignore. They can grow from small to unmanageable.

Being at Peace

If you let them be, negative thoughts are like bubbles that rise to the brim and disappear. Be aware and patient.

A Meaningful Life

In a machine, the smallest gear is as indispensable as the biggest one. You are as important as anybody else.

What is this world about?

To see trees from woods, you have to step above or out. Truth will shine in full glory then.

Problem Or Inconvenience

Life is a congregation of various colors; enjoy the mix. You can't have all white or all black.

How do You Celebrate Life?

Why just an occasion, let's celebrate life. Your life is a celebration, you are a celebration.