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How To Forget Someone

Memories can be like black holes: deep and mysterious. To forget someone you've to go past memories.

The Fear of Death

Water evaporates and it rains back, Nature's play continues. Everything in nature is eternal. It only gets transformed.

Why do People Get Bored?

Boredom becomes peace when you are contented and unaffected by non-action.

Faith in God

He rounds up his sheep before dark. Or does he? Depends on the strength of your faith.

What Provokes You?

When provoked, it's so easy to lose your sense of judgment. Mindfulness is the antidote to provocation.

Fear of the Dark

If you believe in inspiring and positive mythical entities, you'll naturally feel there exist ghosts and demons too.

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Over time, ponds may dry up, but they don't disappear. Getting over the loss of a loved one takes time. 

The Value of Nothing

When you learn to value "nothing", everything becomes priceless. Self-realization is emptying your basket (of mind).

It’s Okay to Change

When you cling to what you believe to be untrue, soft underlying currents of suppression turn into tides of unrest.

What is Beautiful?

Beneath beauty lies a sense of connection. Whatever you can connect with, you will find it beautiful.

How to Attract

Lasting attraction is based on truth. If you are a real flower, butterflies will come to you automatically. Truth attracts.

How to Overcome Negativity

Just like a series of water drop make up a waterfall, series of thoughts make up your mental state.

Why do Women Dress Up?

Function driven by form, every element of Mother Nature is a work of art; so is a woman.

Surrendering to a Guru

How can you fill a cup that's already full? Who can help you if you believe you've it figured out already?

Conditioned Morality

Is morality absolute? Will you kill one person to save five? Read the trolley thought experiment.