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Is Suffering Really Necessary?

The lamp of faith diffuses the darkness of suffering. You begin to see what's beneath, what's around.

Nine States of Awareness

In this post I elucidate on the nine states of awareness as propounded by Patanjali and other great yogis like Vyasa.

What Type of a Meditator are You?

Rewards of meditation are directly proportional to the intensity and quality of your practice. Here's something to think about.

The Most Difficult Emotion

A beautiful story from the life of Buddha gives a profound message of mastering the most difficult emotion.

Why are We Unhappy?

Why is happiness fleeting and elusive like the summer clouds whereas our sorrows and miseries feel like giant rocks and boulders?

Raising a Child with Special Needs

Rather than being in a warm and sunny place, sometimes we end up in a cold and dark place. It has its own beauty. Such is life.

How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

When you keep walking with patience and discipline, the path to fulfilling your resolution continues to unfold. One step at a time.