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Two Pillars of Top Health

You asked and I've written about what I eat and how I exercise.

Four Traits of Successful People

What is it that takes you to the heights of greatness? Here's something to think about.

Excess Baggage

To make spiritual progress, we must get out of our own way or the boulder of emotions will keep rolling back.

The Marshmallow Experiment

Is it possible to regulate your emotions so you feel a certain way under most circumstances?

Mind Full to Mindful

A single flower blooms, and throughout the world it is spring.

Intention Vs Skill

The train of success travels on the bridge between intention and skill.

Shedding Your Past

When you face light, your shadow is always behind you...

The Secret of Mastery

Here's a beautiful story from the life of Pablo Picasso offering us an insight on gaining mastery.

The Source of Fear

Like seed is the source of a plant, our fears too have a source. To get past our anxiety, fears and phobias, we've to get to the source.

5 Principles of Happiness

Ever wonder what is the secret of happy people?

What Could I Have Done?

Under most circumstances, we all act according to our inherent nature.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

The damage caused by social media to our emotional and spiritual well-being is very real.

Suffering to Happiness

On the journey of life, the train of happiness has no destination as such. Life is happiness.

Purity of Intention

When your focus is singular and your intention pure, the fragrant flowers of success blossom naturally.

Freeing Yourself from Anger

Here's a beautiful discourse by Buddha on removing feelings of annoyance and anger from your heart