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How to Be at Peace

In the big scheme of things no matter how much you have, it'll still be negligible. Peace is contentment.

How to Apologize

An apology is genuine when you don't repeat your offense and when you offer no excuse.

Discovering Your Purpose In Life

If you don't stand for something in life, you end up falling for just about anything.

How to Forgive

Forgiveness is letting go, it's a gift. It is as much about the recipient as the giver.

A Moral Dilemma

Can you lead your life in absolute black or white? Probably not. But you can have your principles.

Using Attention to Get Over Hurt

Learn the art of directing your attention from hurtful and negative thoughts to happy and positive ones.

How to Get Over Hurt

When you discover your inner sanctuary, you become like the gentle stream. You keep moving.

You are Not Weak

Even the hard coconut can break in one blow. It doesn't mean it's weak. It's vulnerable.

Dealing with Stress

A man was never stressed and this intrigued his neighbors. Read the story for more.


The sky remains independent of the colors and clouds in it. It returns to its natural state — blue. So can you.

What Provokes You?

When provoked, it's so easy to lose your sense of judgment. Mindfulness is the antidote to provocation.

Fear of the Dark

If you believe in inspiring and positive mythical entities, you'll naturally feel there exist ghosts and demons too.

It’s Okay to Change

When you cling to what you believe to be untrue, soft underlying currents of suppression turn into tides of unrest.

How to Attract

Lasting attraction is based on truth. If you are a real flower, butterflies will come to you automatically. Truth attracts.

How to Overcome Negativity

Just like a series of water drop make up a waterfall, series of thoughts make up your mental state.