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Are you Important?

You see in others what you have in you. If you believe in yourself, you can instill the same in others about themselves.

How to Overcome Distractions

Before giving into a distraction, ask yourself: is this my best move?

How to Deal with Self-Doubt

A bogey or a birdie; bunker, or, an ocean of opportunities, you won't know till you play. What's your fear?

5 Ways To Coming Out Of Negativity

Even in a pool of negativity, in the mire of disagreements, you can rise and shine like a lotus.

Setting and Achieving Goals

If you can aim with focus, patience, persistence and skill, you can achieve any goal. Any at all.

The Law of Attraction

If you are a real flower, bees will be attracted to you automatically because you're willing to give what they need.

How to Deal with Criticism

What they see in you is a reflection of their very self. What you don't have in you, you can't see in others.

What is Tolerance

Look at our planet earth, providing for everyone it's ever tolerant, resilient and compassionate.

The Art of Discipline

With persistence and discipline, impossible becomes I m possible. That's how our race has progressed.

The Art of Being Positive

Being positive is a matter of choice. Positive people are happier people and generally more successful too.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Just like a lotus stays above mire and water, you can stay above negative thoughts and emotions.

The Esoteric Meaning of Diwali

Why do we celebrate Diwali? Here's the esoteric meaning of the festival of lights and a beautiful excerpt from the Tulsi Ramayana.