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12y ago
The Meaning of Samadhi

What is samadhi, really? Is it a state of emptiness or a state of super-awareness, super-consciousness? Read on.

12y ago
The Conditioning of the Mind: A King among the Cattle

Your true nature is pure bliss, but you've forgotten yourself because of your societal and religious conditioning.

12y ago
The Path of Self-Realization

What does it take to attain that transcendental state the scriptures call samadhi? Why is it important to have any rules or discipline?

12y ago
Self Transformation – My Solemn Vow

I do not believe in passing on second hand knowledge. Before you try to absorb what I have to say, do read this post

12y ago
Self Transformation – Prologue

Self transformation is the inward journey of understanding yourself so you may discover your true nature of bliss.

12y ago
The Chosen Path

How do we know what we want to do is our inner calling and not just a strong desire constantly talking in the head?

12y ago
I’ve Got to be Living

Is it important to be spiritual? Or does being spiritual mean you stop living and no longer enjoy the luxuries of this world?

12y ago
Bondage and the Path

A reader asked me why I communicate or engage with the world. "Why don't you follow your own path?" he asked.

12y ago
The Ultimate Form

A reader asked me what the supreme truth or ultimate form is, or, is there one?

12y ago
Tilaka, Sri Vidya and Celestial Music

Here's my brief take on why I wear two marks on my forehead, Sri Vidya and celestial music.

12y ago
The Esoteric Meaning of Scriptures

Are the stories in the scriptures a figment of imagination? It's not so much about the literal meaning as much as it's about the esoteric sense.

12y ago
Mind, Thoughts and Desires

Likes waves in the ocean, thoughts are constant in the human mind; you let one pass and the other one follows right behind.

12y ago
Bhakti – Devotional Service

Bhakti or devotional service is the art of surrender and dispassion. It's got very little to do with rituals.

13y ago
My Truth

Past the crowded Varanasi and Himalayan mountains, lay the calm ocean of bliss. Here's my Spiritual Journey in brief.