Dr.Jayshree's Writings

Yog Nidra

Light the lamp of your Inner World

Black Lotus, the game changer

Black Lotus is gradual and a sure-shot route to reach HIM


Learn to make the mind still like a lake for better clarity

HIS Grace

"I am the transcendental sound OM" Sri Krishna -BG ch10v25

Protein Balls

A healthy pop to life - home made sugar free protein balls!

Sugar – The Sweetness We Can Do...

Misery which has not yet come can be avoided.

The Miraculous Sun

Sun is the soul of all.

Scriptures- Myth or Reality

The ancient science written 1000s of years back. Do they hold good even in...

Vastu Compliant Samosa

Can CHEAT days be made Healthy!!!

Abhimanyu of a New Era!!!

Chakravyu of the cloudland, Whirlpool of life.. Be the Abhimanyu who got out !!

I am HOME.

Knocked every door but found You behind my own tendencies.