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The Last Letter

When the day arrives, in the final analysis, what will be on your mind?

The Cosmic Law of Interconnectedness

Our individual existence is not limited to this body or lifetime alone...we carry within us infinite realms of eternal beauty.

The Best Place

What is the best place to be? Here's a beautiful little story.

Kindness Matters

Here's a beautiful story to make you think this weekend...

What Only Love Does…

Here's a beautiful true story that'll make you think about love...


Yogic view of loneliness (and ways to overcome it) is quite different from our contemporary ideas.

The Secret of a Fulfilling Life

It's not that complicated at the end of the day: work hard, play hard.

Beware of Dogs

Here's something to think about over the weekend...

Between Building and Breaking

Here's a beautiful little story with a profound message.

The Opposite of Kindness

Ever wondered what is the opposite of kindness? Is it to be unkind or something else?


What's a wallaby doing here? Read till the end.

Being Good

It isn't easy but self-realization is not possible without being good.

A Thousand Marbles

Here's a beautiful story reminding us of what really matters in life.

The Spirit of Service

Our willingness to serve than be served is sometimes the only difference between heaven and hell.

A Blessed Life

Sometimes, only when we hear what all others go through do we realize what a blessed life we have.


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