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Who stole my happiness?

Not your mother-in-law but your gut bacteria


Can justice and revenge ever be in the same sentence?

The Simple Truth

Like rain settles the dust particles, our awareness of the "self" reduces our expectations we have from the world.

Loss is Painful

While we may never completely eliminate pain from our lives, we can reduce it.

COVID-19 and A Beautiful Life

Something to think about in the face of escalating COVID-19

Aging Gracefully

As old age closes in, here's something you may enjoy reading.

Give a Damn about Something

Here's a definitive way of finding meaning and purpose in your life

Just Like That : 0 – 40

The said and unsaid — a few chapters from the book of my life

The Last Letter

When the day arrives, in the final analysis, what will be on your mind?

The Cosmic Law of Interconnectedness

Our individual existence is not limited to this body or lifetime alone...we carry within us infinite realms of eternal beauty.

The Best Place

What is the best place to be? Here's a beautiful little story.

Kindness Matters

Here's a beautiful story to make you think this weekend...

What Only Love Does…

Here's a beautiful true story that'll make you think about love...


Yogic view of loneliness (and ways to overcome it) is quite different from our contemporary ideas.

The Secret of a Fulfilling Life

It's not that complicated at the end of the day: work hard, play hard.