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Raising a Child with Special Needs

Rather than being in a warm and sunny place, sometimes we end up in a cold and dark place. It has its own beauty. Such is life.

2014 at a Glance

All moments must pass, all seasons must go, giving way to the next. This is the truth of Time.

The Greatest Fear

Beyond the fear of unknown, of death, loss, of failure and rejection lies another fear. The greatest fear.

What is the Meaning of Life?

You can't find your life's meaning in religion or rituals but in the deepest recess of your own heart.

Dealing with Terminal Illness

All rivers merge in the sea, all small things become a part of a bigger phenomenon, it goes back to its source in Nature.

What are You Made of?

If we keep holding on, it keeps getting heavier, and, once the burden is beyond bear, it makes us weak and vulnerable.

Life is a Struggle

Is life really a big struggle or is it a matter of perspective? Read the story for an insight.

Do Dreams Mean Anything?

Am I the butterfly dreaming I'm Chuang Tzu or the other way around? What are dreams?

A Life of Lies

This world is a stampede. If you don't fit in, you are either pushed or crushed. Realization is stepping aside. Mentally.

Why do Women Dress Up?

Function driven by form, every element of Mother Nature is a work of art; so is a woman.

Conditioned Morality

Is morality absolute? Will you kill one person to save five? Read the trolley thought experiment. 

Living a Life of Dreams

A life of peace and meaning is far more precious than an exquisite symbol of death. Now is the time to live.

Why do People Laugh?

Mary had a little lamb. What? She gave birth to a lamb? Everyone was expecting a human baby! Why do we laugh?

What’s in Your Wallet?

Have you ever wondered what are you keeping in you? Are you the ever moving stream or a crumbling tree?


Gratitude is like the sticky date pudding with ice-cream. Warm so it heals, cold so it soothes.


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