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Mass Destruction – Does Law of Karma Play A Role?

Natural calamities are not punishable acts but corrective measures Nature takes to sustain itself.

Destiny and Free Will

If everything was predestined then there would be no room for karma, for free will, but there is.

Karma of Four Types

What happens to the ripe apple you don't pluck? It falls on the ground. There is no escape.

Your Karmic Account

The Karmic Law: It's a merry-go-round. No matter who you are or what you are riding, it all ends up at the same place.

Be Grateful

Be grateful for all of life's colors; that's what makes life worth living. Stop complaining.

The Eight Worldly Emotions

A lotus sprouts, lives and blooms in a swamp yet it always stays clean, above all dirt and quagmire. 

The Truth of Death [Hindi]

Death is not just the end of this life but the beginning of a new one too.

Dana — The Act of Charity

Nature is always giving. It's because of the philanthropic nature of Nature that every entity is provided for.

Two Sets of Rules

Do unto others what you want done to yourself. It's important to have the same rules for others as you have for yourself.

Where Are You Going?

There are many tracks, many paths to choose from. Have you carefully chosen yours?

A Strange World

Everyone is playing their own trumpet, beating their own drum. You can't keep everyone happy.

What do You Want?

Do you know what it is that you really want from your life, or even from others? Have you ever pondered over it?

Life is Like the Sky

Just like the sky can't always remain blue, life can't just have one color. Like the colors in the sky, the colors of life are temporary too.

Life is Like a Trip to the Supermarket

This world is like a supermarket, in fact. Everyone is a shopper, the choices are limited to your affordability and the stock on the aisles.

Living in Pajamas

Why this world can be a difficult place and why being comfortable with yourself is the easiest way to be at peace — read and find out.