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A Strange World

Everyone is playing their own trumpet, beating their own drum. You can't keep everyone happy.

What do You Want?

Do you know what it is that you really want from your life, or even from others? Have you ever pondered over it?

Life is Like the Sky

Just like the sky can't always remain blue, life can't just have one color. Like the colors in the sky, the colors of life are temporary too.

Life is Like a Trip to the Supermarket

This world is like a supermarket. Everyone is a shopper and your choices are limited to your affordability and the stock on the shelves.

Living in Pajamas

Why this world can be a difficult place and why being comfortable with yourself is the easiest way to be at peace — read and find out.

Life is Like a Musical Instrument

Life is like a musical instrument. The sounds and symphonies it produces, the melodies it creates depend more on the player than on the instrument itself.

The DNA of Desires

One desire leads to another. Like the human DNA, desires have their own DNA. Awareness is the key to tame them.

Life is Like…a Movie

Human life is like a movie. What sort of movie it turns out to be is in your hands. You can be the actor or the spectator, or both, perhaps.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Is happiness a journey or the destination? It all depends on one's perspective, and, perspective, in turn, depends on understanding.

Nature and You

Anyone can tap into the immense power of Nature to realize their dreams. But, to work with Nature you must be in harmony with it.

Life is Like…The Four Seasons

The various colors and phases of life make it what it is — beautiful and colorful.

The Desire Tree

Desires prompt us to act, but it helps to know their source because they make us what we become.

Himalayan Expectations

What are expectations and why are they the source of most human misery — a perspective.