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दान है तो हिसाब कैसा

ध्यान है तो विघ्न कैसा, विघ्न है तो ध्यान कैसा ?

How to make a Relationship last?

Managing Crisis in Relationship

The Secret of a Good Relationship

Rejoicing in togetherness is akin to sitting next to a fireplace. Here's a beautiful little story...

Whom to Please

It is quite possible for two people to be in love, be together and yet be on different paths. Love is not about constantly pleasing the other person.

Four Aspects of Mindful Parenting

Here are the four aspects of mindful parenting capable of transforming the life of any child...

Parental Compassion

If you are going to be over protective, it'll take them much longer to be independent — emotionally and otherwise.

The Art of Criticism

Here's an effective, positive and practical way of providing constructive feedback. The Sandwich Method.

The Art of Love

Love is not as much about perfection and compatibility as it's about understanding and harmony.

The Essence of Friendship

Friends are like different flowers in a bouquet, each one has its own beauty, fragrance and color.

A Word on Love

To love is to make the other person at perfect ease in your presence, so they can be themselves.

The Drama Triangle

Love flows without resentment like water from a mountain in the one who learns to loves himself first.

When Care Destroys Love

Obsessive care cripples love like excessive water destroys plants

A Fistful of Love

A Fistful of love is my latest paperback containing fifty posts on love, relationships and life from this blog.

To Love and Be Loved Back

For the caring heart, love knocks on the most unexpected door at the least expected time.

When They Hurt You

Various colors and falls of human emotions make the river of life only more beautiful, blue and breathtaking.