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Betrayal of Trust

A true guru's presence is like the soft stream that gently sculpts the disciple, chiseling the rock of their hardened tendencies. Steadily.

Three Principles of Handling Criticism

The day you learn to handle criticism without getting angry, you will find yourself at the eternal shore of peace, reveling in bliss.

The Secret of Healthy Relationships

Loving and living are not synonyms. Loving may be an emotional matter but living together is mostly about practicality.

Single Parents and Broken Marriages

Give yourself a chance to bloom and say no to an abusive marriage. Never allow anyone to crush your dignity.

How to Raise Children

Practice, don't preach. This is the greatest mantra of raising children and yes, give them their personal space.

It’s Not Your Fault

A lump of clay may be outstanding in its own right, but, ultimately it's the potter who shapes it.

Why Hurting is Easier than Healing?

Can a crushed flower be restored to its original state? No. Healing is not restoration but building anew.

Three Principles of Confrontation

Confrontation is not about putting the other person down or throwing them off balance.

Have I been a Bad Parent?

There is no categorical good or bad way of parenting. As long as you are honest, you are perfect.

When They don’t Love You Back

What can you do when an apple goes off? Matter of the heart is similar, love is something like that.

Love or Attachment

On the tree of life are the cages of desires holding captive the birds of attachments. Love roams freely.

How to Make Someone Happy

Making someone happy is like lighting a candle. You don't lose a thing while the light increases anyway.

How To Forget Someone

Memories can be like black holes: deep and mysterious. To forget someone you've to go past memories.

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Over time, ponds may dry up, but they don't disappear. Getting over the loss of a loved one takes time. 

Unconditional Love

A mother's love is Nature's greatest gift. Unconditional and selfless. It's beyond words.