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Why do People Love or Hate You

People don't love or hate you but what you have to offer. If you have what they want, it's love, else it's hate.

Angry People of Three Types

No matter how beautiful the sandcastle, it's temporary. Waves will wash it ashore. What are you holding onto?

Why do People Shout in Anger?

Anger is your boiling point. How quickly you boil depends on what fluid is in you and the amount of heat underneath.

Four Pillars of Love

The plane of love flies on four engines, mutual care and respect, dependability, trust, and sacrifice.

Four Pillars of Love

A solid relationship stands on a strong foundation. It gives you room to play and be together.

When to Move Out of a Relationship

Sometimes you grow out of a relationship, there's no more joy or attraction. It's time to move on.

Why do People Cheat

The wild one hunts because 1. it can, 2. it is hungry and 3. it is innate in him. 

Broken Marriage of 5 Types

Broken marriages are of five types. Sometimes there's still light and hope but sometimes it's just an illusion.

Personal Relationships

Marriage can be like the MW Radio band, a little disturbance can cause great noise. All sounds gibberish thereafter.

The Two Truths

Both positive and negative emotions are like mushrooms, they grow rather rapidly.

Speaking the Language of Love

Nobody is strong enough to resist the language of love. It pierces the heart and goes straight to the soul.

Why do People Change?

People change as their priorities change in life and when that happens, they no longer mean what they once did.

Understanding Relationships

The more you understand yourself, the better you'll understand others.

Living with Love

Love is innate in everyone. It is the cause of your existence and the basis of your being. You become what you love.

The Silent Agreement of the Faithful

Two regular visitors to the ashram show what unconditional love and loyalty is, not with their words but with their actions.