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Watch the beautiful video based on shivashtakama, a Vedic eulogy to Lord Shiva, the foremost yogi.

My Time in the Himalayan Woods

The time I spent meditating in the mesmerizing Himalayas was one of the best periods of my life. Present is equally beautiful.

Does God Get Angry?

Is it possible that God gets angry with you and punishes you for your sins and bad karma? If so, would he be God, really?

Bhaj Govindam – 6

Shankracharya urges us to exercise surrender, meditate and work towards the real goal of human life — Salvation.

Bhaj Govindam – 5

Have you ever wondered who are you and what you are holding on to? Hear the exposition on the verses to reflect on their deep wisdom.

Bhaj Govindam – 4

Your salvation depends on your state of mind, your karma. Realization of truth can help you live in this world with peace and bliss.

Bhaj Govindam – 3

Life continues to move while most people are stuck in their desires, goals and hopes. Why do you do what you do? Reflect on your actions.

Bhaj Govindam – 2

In this second of the six parts of Bhaj Govindam, listen to the exposition on the next six verses of this stotra.

Bhaj Govindam – 1

Bhaj Govindam by Shankracharya is laced with profound and eternal wisdom. In this discourse the first six verses are covered.

The Whole Nine Minutes

Here's a video showing my usual life at the ashram. Things have changed since this video was first made in 2011.

The Successful and Successfool

What is the definition of success? Who is a successful person and what price is fair to attain success?

The Two Spiritual Approaches

There are two ways to lead your life or walk the spiritual path — the way of the spider or the bee.