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1 year ago

A guru-disciple relationship probably represents the most sublime and unique bond in this world.

2y ago
Are You in Love?

Spirituality in its truest essence is nothing but universal love.

3y ago
What Makes You a Saint

In a world full of religious people, how do you identify a real saint?

5y ago
Gayatri Sadhana

A lot can happen with daily practice of the gayatri mantra invocation.

6y ago
The Right to Dream

What does it take to realize a dream? Here's an inspirational true life story.

7y ago
Honoring Your Word

Keeping a promise requires sincerity and discipline, something we can learn from nature.

7y ago
The Ancient Science of Mantras

Do Mantras work in this day and age? Can the energy of a mantra help you realize your goal?

8y ago
When You Give…

What if Nature gave us with the same expectations as we have from others when we give them anything?

8y ago
The Path of Om Swami

Here's my view on how to deal with rumors, gossip and criticism around you.

8y ago
A Spiritual Experience

Here's a beautiful story from the life of a saint showing the power of a genuine spiritual experience.

8y ago
The Zen Mind

A single flower blooms and throughout the world it’s spring...every thought matters.

8y ago
The Path of Truth

Surrounded by the various shades of life, the path of truth is the only real path to liberation.

8y ago
A Story of Grace

Divine grace protects your tender heart from adversity like a shell shelters its inhabitant. Nature has a way.