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The One Principle

A guiding principle is like a lamp. Dispelling the darkness around us, it helps us in making better choices.

A Story of Faith

Here's a beautiful story of faith and surrender from the magnificent epic Mahabharata.

The Most Profitable Deal

The life of Guru Nanak Dev is a teaching, a divine message in its own right. Here's a beautiful story.

Collective Consciousness

The law of attraction can manifest your dreams provided you help others in manifesting theirs.

A Cobbler, Dog and God

Here's a beautiful story, a gentle reminder about the purpose of spirituality — to see divinity in everything.

Seeing Past Yourself

The green mountains, blue sky, beautiful sunrise, it's all there. You will only see the beauty though when you learn to see past yourself.

Compassion is Unreasonable

Here's a beautiful short story from the life of Jesus Christ with an important lesson on compassion.

Why are We Unhappy?

Why is happiness fleeting and elusive like the summer clouds whereas our sorrows and miseries feel like giant rocks and boulders?

The Seed of Empathy

Be where they are to know why they are the way they are. Don't be emphatic where being empathic will do. Know the difference.

The Greatest Spiritual Quality

What is the seed of compassion? Here's my take on the most important virtue essential to feeling compassionate.

If Truth Be Told — A Monk’s Memoir

If Truth Be Told is my memoir slated to be released next month by Harper Collins India. This is my life's journey thus far.

A Word on Compassion

Think of compassion as sacrifice. It is putting other person's interests before your own. It's a choice.

How did We Happen?

The question you should be asking is not what is the purpose of human life but what is the purpose of your life?

The Guru

Just like the full moon that softly dispels the darkness, a genuine master lights up your soul.

Do You have Faith?

What is faith? How does a rose bloom? Read the story.