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12mo ago
Places of Worship

Let understanding, compassion, and kindness be the foundation of our religion and Earth be our place of worship. - Author: Charles F. Glassman

1 year ago
Mental Health Quotes

Mental Health - Your Priority, Your Soul's Quest, Your Story!

1 year ago
What is Karma Yoga?

A spiritual practice of "selfless action performed for the benefit of others"

1 year ago
How to Get Rid of Past Karma

Don’t forget your actions alone have the power to alter your future by balancing out your karmic debt

1 year ago
Destiny and Karma Philosophy

Your karma decides your destiny

1 year ago
Law of Attraction Quotes

When you are blinded by your ego you won't be able to see your shortcomings.

1 year ago
Shraadh Karma – Tarpan

Pitru paksha is seen as a ritual to repay debts to our ancestors.

1 year ago
Karma Memes

Your Karma lies in your hands, heart, laughter (...and memes). Act now to liberate yourself, in joy!

1 year ago
Self-Love Quotes

Loving yourself is the first step toward loving others.

1 year ago
Discover the Purpose of Life With Three Golden Questions

The purpose of your life is a secret known only to you. With these tips, learn to seek your purpose within. A fulfilling life awaits.

1 year ago
Meditation Quotes

Turn inward and reclaim your best life!

1 year ago
Deep Quotes

Who you are today is but a fraction of your true nature - magnificent, beloved divinity

1 year ago
Depression Quotes

Words to guide you home and feel your heart beat with joy once more.

1 year ago
Spiritual Quotes

You are a sky full of stars and you light up your own path :)

1 year ago
Sadhana for Intuition and Wellbeing

Here is an easy but effective sadhana for you to do in the month of Kartika