Kadambini's writings

Demystifying My Tears

He reverberates with his presence, in the most mystic ways.

The Undercover Karma Yogis

Riding above their liking and disliking, joyfully involved but not entangled.

Towards Becoming Whole

We could use some silence to experience our spiritual growth

The Inclusive Life-table

"Although Victory did not like all the flavours, it was time to have them...

Mitthoo Seth

" Guru does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called."

Fruit for thought

If you are guessing my next move, hold your thoughts!

Direction from the Divine

“Truth connects people,” I had read somewhere. Perhaps we are all inextricably connected.

My Bloody Head

A story of my revival and companionship with the 'suicide disease.'

The Spiritual Sherlock

"Your own death is something that happens to everybody else, your life is not...

The Dynamite!

Even as she was semi-conscious, she wagged her tail and opened her eyes to...

The Transformative Cow

"And remember what your Guru told you?" the voice said

A little bit of Sun

Hope you liked my touch, that moved the soul in you

When God was a Man!

The divine men saw the goddess in a woman

Truth has legs

It stands when it's present, and it is compellingly present when it stands!

The Template of Sadhana

In times of despair, when it's difficult to do, may we not lose but...

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