4mo ago

Mission Restarted

I got into my gear, prepared the kits, scooped my bag, and...

1 year ago

Through the Lens of Spiritual Ego

Baba, all-pervasive Almighty knew that the man is inflated with his spiritual knowledge but...

1 year ago

Demystifying My Tears

He reverberates with his presence, in the most mystic ways.

1 year ago

The Undercover Karma Yogis

Riding above their liking and disliking, joyfully involved but not entangled.

1 year ago

Towards Becoming Whole

We could use some silence to experience our spiritual growth

1 year ago

The Inclusive Life-table

"Although Victory did not like all the flavours, it was time to have them...

1 year ago

Mitthoo Seth

" Guru does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called."

1 year ago

Fruit for thought

If you are guessing my next move, hold your thoughts!

1 year ago

Direction from the Divine

“Truth connects people,” I had read somewhere. Perhaps we are all inextricably connected.