Rishi's writings

3mo ago

Starry Night

A poem on self-pity

3mo ago

Why Your Actions Count

Small things make big differences

4mo ago

Find A Way

Obstacles make us stronger

4mo ago


A poem on overambition

5mo ago

Help Yourself!

Story: Only those who try to help themselves get help

5mo ago

Dare to Dream

Dream big and work hard

5mo ago

Are You Poor?

Rise above desires

5mo ago


A poem on nature

6mo ago

Reasons to Eat Mindfully

Lose weight without dieting!

6mo ago

Be Fearless

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

7mo ago

Waking Up Early Will Change Your Life

The early bird gets the worm

7mo ago


A poem on expectations

8mo ago

How Kindness Helps You

My YouTube Video!