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How to Change Unhealty Habits.

Provide you a wonderful guideline that will definitely help you to change your unhealthy...

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Yoga Off The Mat

How we realise world when we are not on the mat. Let's share our...

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The Grace of Yoga

The words of thanks on my birthday to my yoga family....

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The Story of Lotus

Love, Faith and Dedication Leads to an Ultimate Bliss

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I Have to RESCRIPT..

Be Mindful With Your Emotions While Handling Your Kids .

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Be Proactive…

Take the Power of Decisions from Within.....

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Use the Gadgets more productive

Be Your Better version with amazing productive apps

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Reach Monkey to Banana.

The Hilarious and mindfulness reply

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Feed the Birds with Love and Care…

Try to feed the birds in best way i can....

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How to Drink Water as per Ayurveda

Strange but surely effective techniques to remain healthy forever

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One Moment Meditation by Martin Boroson

Learn to meditate in small fractions of time and bring this practice anywhere

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Yoga Tips for Healthy Eyes

Simple exercises for keeping eyes relaxed and disease free...

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Effective Yoga Poses to Relieve Back Pain

Today's bad posture might lead to disease tomorrow. Here are some yoga tips to...

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Be Persistent

Persistence is hard, but it’s what keeps us on the path to greater achievements....

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What Meditation Can Give…

Could meditation be part of your transformation? Here's my story

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