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The Value of Gift

When you give your gift to the right recipient, it flourishes, they value. Else it perishes.


Watch the beautiful video based on shivashtakama, a Vedic eulogy to Lord Shiva, the foremost yogi.

Travel Light

How you see life is a matter of perspective. You become fragrant and light like the flowers when you travel light.

Where Are You Going?

There are many tracks, many paths to choose from. Have you carefully chosen yours?

Quit Smoking

Here are three approaches and few pointers to quit smoking. It requires immense discipline.

Sankalpa: The Practice of Resolve

Sankalpa is often compared to the perfectly stable and still Himalayas. A sincere seeker's resolve is like the Himalayas.

Knowing Without Understanding

Mere intellectual understanding of something is not enough. True wisdom comes from first-hand experience.

The Laughing God

God does not get angry. The ever compassionate, smiling, He's the ultimate essence of everything there is.

A Strange World

Everyone is playing their own trumpet, beating their own drum. You can't keep everyone happy.

What is God?

Does God really exist or is he some elusive and illusory entity? Is he an invention or a discovery?

My Time in the Himalayan Woods

The time I spent meditating in the mesmerizing Himalayas was one of the best periods of my life. Present is equally beautiful.

Devotee’s Resolution. God’s manifestation

God manifests at the true call of a devotee. Truthfulness, purity, persistence, devotion and resolve are the key factors.

Tyaga: The Practice of Letting Go

No matter how attractive the flower, a butterfly must eventually let go off it and move on.

What do You Want?

Do you know what it is that you really want from your life, or even from others? Have you ever pondered over it?

Pain is Inevitable. Suffering is Optional

Pain is unavoidable but suffering is option. It all depends on one's state of mind.