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Staying True to Your Purpose

When you stay course, staying true to your purpose, the journey becomes enjoyable, and the path, colorful.

Why do People Lie

People may lie 1. to hide information, 2. as a matter of habit, or 3. to gain attention.

Four Pillars of Love

A solid relationship stands on a strong foundation. It gives you room to play and be together.

When to Move Out of a Relationship

Sometimes you grow out of a relationship, there's no more joy or attraction. It's time to move on.

Why do People Cheat

The wild one hunts because 1. it can, 2. it is hungry and 3. it is innate in him. 

Broken Marriage of 5 Types

Broken marriages are of five types. Sometimes there's still light and hope but sometimes it's just an illusion.

Personal Relationships

Marriage can be like the MW Radio band, a little disturbance can cause great noise. All sounds gibberish thereafter.

5 Ways To Coming Out Of Negativity

Even in a pool of negativity, in the mire of disagreements, you can rise and shine like a lotus.

Setting and Achieving Goals

If you can aim with focus, patience, persistence and skill, you can achieve any goal. Any at all.

The Law of Attraction

If you are a real flower, bees will be attracted to you automatically because you're willing to give what they need.

Emotional Healing — Erasing Psychic Imprints

Paint the canvas of your life with the colors you fancy. Erase the pain and allow yourself to heal.

Emotional Healing — Getting Over the Pain

Whatever you do or experience, leaves a psychic imprint behind. Healing is erasing those imprints.

How to Deal with Criticism

What they see in you is a reflection of their very self. What you don't have in you, you can't see in others.

The Practice of Tolerance

When you throw a stone at a tree, not only it rejects the stone, it returns you a fruit too. Don't keep emotional stones.

A Himalayan Memory

The stillness in doe's compassionate eyes easily surpassed any yogin's perfected gaze.