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What is Tolerance

Look at our planet earth, providing for everyone it's ever tolerant, resilient and compassionate.

The Two Truths

Both positive and negative emotions are like mushrooms, they grow rather rapidly.

Practice of Gratitude

Being grateful to others is being grateful to God. Express your gratitude to those around you to experience peace.

Be Grateful

Be grateful for all of life's colors; that's what makes life worth living. Stop complaining.

Emotional Transformation – Spiritual Cleansing of Self

Like moving water causes sedimentation, unabandoned thoughts become psychic imprints; they trigger emotions.

Images: The Fourth Hurdle in Meditation

As you sit down to meditate, trying to build your concentration, random images start bombarding you. It's a hurdle.

The Eight Worldly Emotions

A lotus sprouts, lives and blooms in a swamp yet it always stays clean, above all dirt and quagmire. 

Speaking the Language of Love

Nobody is strong enough to resist the language of love. It pierces the heart and goes straight to the soul.

Are You Happy or Unhappy?

Happiness is a state of mind. The more you are comfortable with yourself, the happier you will be.

Thoughts: Third Hurdle in Meditation

Tidal waves of stray thoughts can rock your boat of quiet mind disrupting your meditation.

Autism — My World – Your World

My World - Your World is a video of an autistic boy based on an award-winning story by Poornima Ram Kiran.

The Art of Discipline

With persistence and discipline, impossible becomes I m possible. That's how our race has progressed.

The Truth of Death [Hindi]

Death is not just the end of this life but the beginning of a new one too.

Laziness in Meditation

Elephant is a sign of dullness in meditation. A skilled meditator uses acceptance and alertness to tame it.

The Art of Being Positive

Being positive is a matter of choice. Positive people are happier people and generally more successful too.