Read posts on spiritual wisdom that would give insights into the big questions of life.  What is the boat that will help you cross over from turbulent emotions to an inner ocean of peace?  What’s the great spiritual quality one must possess? How do you accumulate spiritual wealth? It’s an incredible feeling when you can steer your life in the direction you deem fit. But, how to do it? Dwelve deeper through the stories and different perspectives to discover your truth.

Three Principles of Handling Criticism

The day you learn to handle criticism without getting angry, you will find yourself...

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The Source of Emotions

Emotions are the dewdrops that vanish at the dawn of mindfulness. Practice this simple...

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The Path of Personal Fulfillment

Our happiness depends a great deal on a sense of personal fulfillment and that,...

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When They Trigger Anger in You

Do you contain your anger or does anger contain you? Who's resting on whom?

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What is the Meaning of Life?

You can't find your life's meaning in religion or rituals but in the deepest...

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How to Raise Children

Practice, don't preach. This is the greatest mantra of raising children and yes, give...

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Listening to Nature

On your path, Nature always gives you cues. It pays to pay attention to...

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A Life of Lies

This world is a stampede. If you don't fit in, you are either pushed...

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The Most Fundamental Human Desire

Feeling loved is like sitting next to a calm ocean. It's inexplicable. You become...

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It’s Okay to Change

When you cling to what you believe to be untrue, soft underlying currents of...

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How to Overcome Negativity

Just like a series of water drop make up a waterfall, series of thoughts...

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Why do Women Dress Up?

Function driven by form, every element of Mother Nature is a work of art;...

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Conditioned Morality

Is morality absolute? Will you kill one person to save five? Read the trolley...

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Saying Yes to Life

A life of peace and meaning is far more precious than an exquisite symbol...

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Living in Conflict

Make sure the light you see at the end of the tunnel is not...

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