5mo ago

Happy Halloween!

Spooky season arrived early for me this year... #writewithosdotme

6mo ago

Failure is Not a Full Stop

Try until you succeed! [Long Write Up Warning]

6mo ago

Do I Know Sonia Well Enough?

I was not prepared for this Halloween experience! #writewithosdotme

7mo ago

The Waterfall

Stream of Consciousness #writewithosdotme

7mo ago


Kiddish take on today's challenge. Enjoy!! #writewithosdotme

7mo ago

Cinderella’s Cruel StepMom at the Castle

Morning with the Mom #writewithosdotme

7mo ago

Woman on the Wheelchair

Gems of life are beyond disability of mind or body #writewithosdotme

7mo ago


My German Language Teacher

7mo ago

Being Loved

Eternal, unconditional and simple

8mo ago

Anxiety is Real

Real Time Journaling

8mo ago

Magical Night Stargazing

From my personal notes

9mo ago

Half Yearly Report? Shall We?!

Reminder: keep moving, keep going, quit being dormant.

1 year ago


Write, Read, Dance, Paint, Cook, Play, Create?