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4y ago
When Loss Hurts

Here's a beautiful perspective on how to recover from your personal loss

4y ago
The Book of Kindness

How to Make Others Happy and Be Happy Yourself

7y ago
Destiny Or Free Will

Does destiny control where you'll end up or do you have free will?

8y ago
Leaving Your Regrets Behind

Withn the ceaseless movement of the wheel of time live the beautiful moments of our lives.

8y ago

Here's the insightful and profound legend of Patacara with a great message, the real truth.

8y ago
The Narcissist

Do you know what a hot air balloon and a narcissist have in common? Here are my thoughts...

8y ago
Be Strong

Even the strongest tree sways in the face of gusty winds. Being strong doesn't mean you show no emotion.

8y ago
The Price of Freedom

True freedom is a leap from recklessness to responsibility. It's to be mindful of the consequences of our actions.

8y ago
One Life Many Lives

As series of drops make up a waterfall, tiny moments and experiences create what appears to be a lifetime.

8y ago
A Word on Surrender

Surrender is knowing that the trees can't always be green. It is seeing the beauty in the colors of the fall.

9y ago
The First Trait of Successful People

Life is all about choices. At some point in time, you have to decide which path you want to walk.

9y ago
How Much is Enough?

Here's a beautiful story from the life of Alexander the Great on the futility of reckless pursuits.

9y ago
A Word on Rumors

False rumors are like fleeting clouds. Don't react and they will dissipate on their own.

9y ago
The Greatest Skill

Your path to happiness may be influenced by the various colors of life, but ultimately, it's solely carved by you.

9y ago
A Word On Faith – Sayings About Life

Faith is light in the darkness of your lonely moments, it is your anchor of peace and strength.